The Menagerie Rules and Regulations


The Menagerie is intended to be a convention for members of the Kentucky Anthropomorphic Society and friends in surrounding states. It is designed to be a safe and fun meeting spot where attendees can be themselves and have a good time. By attending The Menagerie you agree to the below terms.

Age of Attendance and Identification Requirements
This event is 18 and older. Attendees will be required to provide a valid photo ID upon registration as well as sign a waiver of liability at the door.

Food and Drink
The Hotel has food and drink options available on-site. We will also have a hospitality suite available to all convention attendees during con operating hours.

Smoking and Alcohol
As some of the attendees of the event may be under 21, Menagerie staff have adopted a strict NO ALCOHOL policy. No alcohol may be consumed or brought into the convention space. Smoking is only allowed outside of the building, at least ten feet from the door as per state law. This rule also applies to vaping (the usage of e-cigarettes, vaping devices, etc.).

Harassment, Bullying, and Otherwise Unsavory Conduct
The staff of The Menagerie would like to impress that The Menagerie is a safe place for all attendees to be themselves. As such, we have a Zero tolerance policy on any unwanted sexual advances. No means no! 
Any threats of violence, physical assault, verbal abuse, or failure/refusal to follow any instructions given by the organizers or hotel staff will not be tolerated and may result in removal from the convention and the authorities being contacted.

Costumes, Fursuits, and Props Guidelines

Under no circumstances are weapons allowed, including airsoft guns, paintball guns, bows, and ammunition of any sort. 

Concealed carry is also not allowed in the convention hall. 

Apparel considered lewd or offensive is not permitted. 

No costumes may be realistic depictions of Law Enforcement or current Military uniforms, or have the words POLICE, POLICIA, SWAT, FBI, DEA, CIA or any other official Government Agency names or initials on them.

All props will be inspected by Menagerie staff upon arrival at registration.

If any props or apparel are deemed in violation of these policies or dangerous, they may not be permitted and removed from the convention hall as advised by Menagerie staff.

These guidelines are subject to change without notice.

Panelists,Volunteers, and Attendee Expectations
As a community driven event, we value all of our attendees and volunteers immensely. With that, we expect all attendees to be respectful of panelists during their presentations.

Panelists will also be expected to be aware of the time their event is scheduled for and to respect the integrity of the event by setting up within the 15 minute buffer time allotted beforehand and be done by the 15 minute buffer allotted after their scheduled ending time. If the panelist runs over the allotted buffer time, staff will ask them to end their panel to preserve the integrity of other panelists and presenters.

Addendums etc.
The staff of The Menagerie reserves the right to add or remove any information contained within this document at any time.